Galapagos Live-Aboard

Live-Aboards are the only way to dive Wolf & Darwin, universally acclaimed as two of the best dive sites on the planet due to the abundance of pelagic life.  If you're a diver, you already know what Wolf & Darwin are all about.  In our LiveAboard section, you'll find specs, itineraries and photos of each of the Galapagos live-aboards with permits to dive. For an overview, see our exclusive  Galapagos Live-Aboard Comparison Chart.  Galapagos liveaboards are priced from $3990-$6395 pp plus Galapagos flights, National Park Entrance Fees, Fuel Surcharge, etc.  We can often save you money on both spaces and charters.  See our SPECIALS page for the most up to date discounts on Galapagos live-aboards.



daydivegalapagosDaily Dive Trips from one island are an option if you have limited time or don't want to travel between islands.  This is usually the preferred choice for travelers who are either coming off or about to embark on a cruise, be it a dive cruise or a Naturalist cruise.  You stay on one island and dive during the day with a local dive operator. Local dive centers operate on a schedule:  Mon. - Dive Site A, Tues. - Dive Site B, etc. Daily dives range from $170-$220 per day for a 2 tank dive. Rates include dive gear, transportation, lunch and snacks.

On Santa Cruz, we recommend Scuba Iguana and Academy Bay.  On San Cristobal, we recommend Wreck Bay. Please note that WE DO NOT BOOK DAILY DIVES. 

We hope you'll feel free to call or write to us if you are interested in diving in the whatever form.