Santa Cruz Dive Sites

Sites accessible from Santa Cruz Include:  Bartolome, Cousins Rock, Daphne Minor, Gordon Rocks, Mosqueras, N. Seymour, Santa Fe and Floreana.

SANTA CRUZ diving offers more sites in the central Galapagos Islands - more land-based sites are accessible than from San Cristobal or Isabela...from viewing pelagics to macro and sites appropriate for beginnings - advanced divers.

Local daily dive operators depart on a fixed schedule, ie: Monday is Dive Site A, Tuesday is Dive Site B and so on.  If you can work your plans around where you want to dive in advance, this is great.  But if diving is an afterthought to your Galapagos travel, then more than likely you are going to find that Advanced Divers might not be interested in diving Santa Fe nor would a beginner be permitted to dive Gordon Rocks.

Here are some of the Santa Cruz dive sites. 

1 Cousins Rock
2 Gordon Rocks
3 North Seymour-Mosqueras