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Isabela Diving

Giant MantaCape Marshall lies off the northeastern shore of Isabela, just south of the equator, below 1707 meter Wolf Volcano. Cape Marshall offers drift diving on a reef as well as walls. It is common to see giant mantas here. You can often spot hammerhead sharks, white-tipped reef sharks and Galápagos sharks. Black coral grows along the wall. Large schools of black stripped salema can sometimes number in the millions. It is not uncommon to have large schools of barracuda.  Other fish include pacific boxfish, guineafowl pufferfish in golden and dark spotted stages, parrotfish, yellowtail surgeon fish, grunts, big eye jacks and Creole fish. Sea lions often come to mingle with divers.

Depth Range:  shallow to 120+ ft (35 m)
Current: Ranges from moderate to very strong.
Water temperature: 73° to 77°F (23-25C) from December to April and 68° to 73°F (20-23C) from May to November. Often colder thermoclines below 60 ft (18m)
Visibility: 20-70 ft (6-21 m)

Though Cabo Marshall is on the coast of Isabela, it is only accessible via live-aboards.  It is too far north to be accessible from land.  All live-aboards have Cabo Marshall on their itineraries.