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Calipso Galapagos LiveaboardCalipso is a 109 ft dive cruise with 10 cabins accommodating 16 divers that will begin operations in May 2019. 6 double cabins on the upper deck, 2 double cabins on the main deck and 2 single cabins on the lower deck. All upper and main deck cabins are convertible to 1 bed. Calipso is undergoing a rebuild now. Everything is new - new motors, generators, Nitrox, dive deck, cabins, etc.  Itinerary includes Wolf, Darwin, Marchena and the western sites of Punta Vicente Roca, Cabo Douglas and Cabo Marshall.  itinerary includes up to 21 dives and 2 land visits.  The yacht is fully air-conditioned and features comfortable social areas, a sundeck with jacuzzi and a new dive deck with camera table, rinse tanks, hot showers and a bathroom. 

RATES2019: $5295 pp for 7 nights. Unlimited Nitrox $150.  Beer, wine and liquor available at extra charge.

ITINERARY:  Departures are from San Cristobal on Thursday.

Day 1 Thu: Arrive San Cristobal - PM: Isla Lobos Check Out Dive
Day 2 Fri: Marchena
Day 3 Sat: Wolf 
Day 4 Sun: Darwin 
Day 5 Mon: Wolf 
Day 6 Tue: Jan-June: Cape Marshall. July-Dec: AM: Cabo Douglas PM: Punta Vicente Roca
Day 7 Wed: AM: Dive Cousins Rock PM: Highlands of Santa Cruz. Charles Darwin Station.
Day 8 Thu: Interpretation Center. Departure. 

Total Dives: 21

Total Land visits: 2

Official Flight:

Thursday: Aviana Flight 1630: Departs UIO 10:15 AM. Departs GYE 11:50 AM. Arrives SCY 12:40 PM
Thursday: Avianca Flight 1631: Departs SCY 13:20 PM. Arrives GYE 16:10 PM. Arrives UIO 17:45 PM 

Gallery:  Click on an image to enlarge photos of the Calipso. More coming as boat is now in rebuild.