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Pacific Sea Horse Cousins is a small rock, the remains of an eroded crater sticking up out of the sea.  A small number of birds and sea lions do find reprise there and sometimes even fur seals, but its appeal is under the sea.  On the eastern side, the rock cascades down in a series of recessed ledges strewn with black coral...which is bright green under the water.  Taking cover in the coral is Cousins claim to fame in diving...seahorses. Spot them in the coral around 50 ft.  You can also spot long nosed hawkfish, sometimes frogfish, turtles and the ever present bounty of fish in the Galapagos.  It's not unusual to spot pelagics from Cousins including eagle rays, golden rays, mobulas and the last time I was there, we had numbers of gianta mantas up close and personal. Nothing quite like a dive right where you descend on top of a manta.  

Current: Moderate to strong currents that typically come in from the northeast.
Water temperature: 74° to 78° F from December to April and  65° to 72 °F  May to November
Thermoclines: Between 20 and 30 meters

Most live-aboards have Cousins on their itineraries, though it is accessible from land.  From Itabaca Canal, navigation time is about 1.5 hours to Cousins.