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Best of Both Worlds Land-Based Program

28/03/2013: Thank you so much for all the organisation you did for us in the Galapagos.  I really could not think of anything you should have done that you did not do. We felt quite spoilt by everyone.  The diving was great, the highlights being diving with the seals and seeing the Red-Lipped Batfish.  The other highlight for both of us was the time spent with Paul.  Not only did we learn so much about the Galapagos, but he also taught us how to make Baked Beans that taste just like Heinz Baked beans.  This probably does not mean anything to you but it meant a lot to us and our friends in Mexico.

While I am sure the diving might be better from a liveaboard, I would not have changed our trip in the slightest (other than to have done everything we did PLUS go on a liveaboard).  I just cannot imagine going to the Galapagos and missing out on all the nature and history that you can see on land! 

So thanks again, and we will be sure to recommend you to anyone we know (and probably a few we do not!) 

Andrew & Rachel O, Maylands, Australia

Aggressor Dive Cruise  

14/12/2012: A HUGE thank you!  I got back from the Aggressor yesterday.  I cannot thank you enough for helping me put this trip together! From the diving to the boat to the hotel...fantastic.  I even had a chance to practice my Spanish...the crew laughed at whatever I said, then correct me.  I'm almost fluent!  

When I get a chance to get to the Galapagos again, I'll be in touch.  Thanks again!!

Paula J., Ottawa, Ontario Canada 

Buddy Dive Cruise and Custom Land-Based Extension 

13/12/2012: Thank you again for all your arrangements for our trip.  They were terrific!

Kenneth S., Tokyo, Japan

Aggressor Dive Cruise and Custom Land-Based Extension

30/10/2012: Please call me.  It was beyond my wildest dreams.  I want to go again!

Jackie T., Juneau, Alaska 

Aggressor Dive Cruise  

04/04/2012: Thank you very much for your support.  I was also in contact with the Aggressor fleet as well as a number of travel agents, but I must say I found your customer service more flexible and the offer better structured than the competitors.  

Gabriele S., Zurich, Switzerland 

Humboldt Explorer Dive Cruise 

06/02/2012: You are simply the best!  I have never experienced such a commitment before.  Thank you!

Kasper T., Berkeley, CA 

Humboldt Explorer Dive Cruise 

27/01/2012: The trip was great, everything worked fine!  The boat, dive guides and food were excellent and the diving as well.  Especially Wolf was fantastic.  Thanks a lot for all your work organizing this trip.  It was a pleasure to interact with you.

Andreas L, Berkeley, CA 

Buddy Dive Cruise and Custom Land-Based Extension 

22/01/2012: Let me tell you that it was a FABULOUS GREAT VACATION and other good experiences. Thank you for all your work arranging things and then, most importantly, staying on top of any changes.

Michael K., Washington, DC 

Buddy Dive Cruise and Custom Land-Based Extension 

I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know what an amazing trip we had!!  The dive boat staff were amazing and even though our visibility was low some days, we still had the most amazing dive experiences of our entire dive lives so far!! Isabela was so beautiful and Los Tuneles was amazing, we even saw penguins.  Mathias was everything you said he was and more and we felt extremely fortunate that he was our guide.  We will definitely be back to the Galapagos again!  It is a magical place and both my husband and I agree that this trip was one of the most amazing trips of our lives!  All 4 of us agreed as well that as much as enjoyed the short land extension, we wished we were staying longer to see more of the islands.  Thanks again for all your assistance (especially with our lost dive bag!!).  Cheers.

 Destin S., Airdrie, Canada 

Travel: Galapagos Custom 2 Island Dive Tour

I also just wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work in helping Jess and I experience one of the best trips we have ever had. We both fell in love with the magic of the Galapagos and can't wait to return. It was a really good opportunity for us to see firsthand the massive difference between your operations and the other business practices there and I have no doubt you will continue to grow and be very successful.

All the Best,

Mike O'Sullivan, Travel Industry, Vancouver Canada

Travel: Galapagos Live-Aboard, Santa Cruz Extension

When I learned diving in Spain in the summer of 1998 I was immediately hooked on it. I became a diving instructor with PADI in 2007. Currently I work on a Portuguse diving base called Scuba Tour, diving and training in the Atlantic ocean.  All this time I had this very big dream and that is diving the Galapagos Islands. In my head, this became the big crown on my diving career.

Luckily I picked Dive The Galapagos to help me fulfill my dream. Leslie and her very experienced co-workers and crew really put my experience into one of a unique high standard.  And, of course, the Galapagos area really delivers. I have been to many places to dive but never did I see so many big things as in the Galapagos. Hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, Manta rays, Sea horses, Sealions, Dolphins, Whalesharks - it was all there.

There are a lot of offers out there on the internet, to fulfill your dream. You better pick safe and pick quality, you better pick Dive the Galapagos.

Willem van Herk, PADI OWSI 980699 / DAN Instructor

Travel: Galapagos Island Hopping Dive Tour

On Pre-Trip Information and Communication: Pre-trip information was good.  It’s hard to understand just how dysfunctional it is down there.  I very much enjoyed talking with you ahead of time.  One suggestion is to gently tell people how poor the communication is down there between islands.  I figured, because they have internet, that it wouldn’t be as difficult.  You website is fantastic.  And your communications were perfect.

On the Diving: I've been diving since 1983. Dove all over the world. Galapagos is not the most difficult but it's pretty far up there because of the currents and fauna. I had a great time on every dive. Even the ones where I was sluggish about getting in.  They were all amazing dive sites.

Dive Guide was a 10! Macaroon is one of the best natural divers I have ever dove with. He has a great presence and his ability to understand the currents and the situation was unbelievable!

Conclusion: Wonderful trip!  Amazing diving!  I cannot commend Leslie strongly enough.  Organizing and pulling off a trip such as hers would seem nearly impossible in the Galapagos but she managed to do it without missing a beat.

 David J. Shuman, Veterinarian, Santa Cruz,CA

(Thanks for the kind words on Trip Advisor, too, David!)

Travel:  Galapagos Island Hopping Dive Tour and 7 Day Isabela Extension

On Pre-Trip Information and Communication: I had quick responses from Leslie answering all my questions and giving more more information than I could deal with. I was probably one of the most awkward customers they have ever had, but all my questions / problems were quickly answered and resolved. No other dive company on the Galapagos ever responded to anything I asked.

On Quality of Dive The Galapagos Service: 10 out of 10. As above, pre trip all questions and problems were answered / resolved very quickly and efficiency. The same goes for our time on the islands. Leslie did everything in her power (and often beyond) to make sure we had a great, comfortable, relaxing and amazing time on the islands. I have never been taken care of so well on a Holiday.

On the Diving: I saw things I had never heard of, things I never thought I would see and things I have dreamed of seeing. I enjoyed the non diving activities as well (snorkeling with mantas and los tunneles were amazing 'extras' on the dive itinerary. Great boat and crew. The lunches and snacks provided were so much more than I expected. Another great job by Leslie.

Conclusion: I have recommended this trip to others and will continue to do so because it was the best few days of my three month trip to South America.  This was in no small part due to leslie and her Galapagos diving trip. Thank you

Patrick Connor, British Teacher, Seoul, South Korea

Travel: Galapagos Live-Aboard with 5 Day Isabela Extension

On Pre-Trip Information and Communication: 10 out of 10!

On Quality of Dive The Galapagos Service:
10 out of 10! Excellent service, hassle free holiday.

On the Diving: 10 out of 10! 10  Fantastic, well balanced and enough time at each site. First class, very friendly and helpful crew.  Made the trip more enjoyable. Great guides very professional, and safe, also  assessed the level of expertise of the divers and treated with respect. Fantastic guides.

Conclusion: A great trip from the organization to the dive and island trips.  The support from Leslie prior to and during the trip was just fantastic, and made this a hassle free, spectacular trip. The dive guides and crew were also first rate, this has been one of the best trips to date.  Just fantastic.

Andrew Higgins, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

Travel: Galapagos Island Hopping Dive Tour

It was amazing, the islands were great, the dives were beyond expectations. We really think the whole tour was great, maybe the food at dinner must be different with more choices for the all inclusive packages.

Diving was excellent, we saw everythhing we wanted to see: White tipped sharks, hamme heads, galapagos sharks, giant rays, mantas, sea horses, pinguins, etc, etc, etc...

We think we are very lucky to find Leslie, because she arranged everything for us and really she made a great job. the group we were in, the dive master , the hotels, the land tours, everything was very well done. This trip for us has been one of the best ones we have done, so great, beautiful, and with an excellent crew.

Miriam Cuatrecasas, Mexico