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Dive 1 – Enderby: This is where you will most likely spot whale sharks in the spring months.  Also, Eagle Rays, Stingrays, White-Tipped Reef Sharks, Galapagos Sharks, sometimes Hammerheads and Pilot Whales, Barracuda, Yellowtail Surgeonfish, Juvenile Grunts, Creolefish, Mexican Hogfish, Sea Cucumbers, Blue and Gold Snappers and more. 

Above 50 ft, you can see thick schools of king angelfish; yellow tailed surgeonfish, puffers, grunts, snappers and groupers. It is also a good place for hammerheads and Galapagos sharks. At the end of the dive, on the wall, you can find sea horses clinging on to the branches of the black coral.

Currents: normally from south east. Variable, but mostly moderate.  Water temp: Dec - April: 74 - 78 / May - Nov: 68 - 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Thermoclines: at around 45 ft

It was soooo much fun to play around inside the giant cloud of black-striped salemas.  It would swallow divers so you couldn't even see there was a diver inside, apart from the bubbl es rising above. 

Dive 2: Champion: Sea lions galore, Sea Turtles, White-Tipped Reef Sharks, Yellowtail Surgeonfish, Longnosed Hawkfish, Sea Stars, Scorpionfish, Mexican hogfish in various growth stages, King Angelfish,  Spinster Wrasse, Guinearfowl Puffer in its bright yellow phase, Flag Cabrilla,  Red Lipped Batfish,  Barracuda,  Black striped Salemas, Panamic horse conch,  Green Morays, Pacific Seahorse, Blue Lobster, Octopus and more.

One of the nicest real drift wall dives in Galapagos. You can easily glide along side the island escorted by a group of friendly sea lions. You can also look around for sharks, rays and sea turtles. If you are interested in small creatures, look for sea horses, long nose hawk fish and coral hawk fish. The juvenile sea lions at this time of the year are so very playful and curious and from inside a cave, they made for great photo ops. 

Currents: normally from south east. Variable, but mostly moderate. Water temp: Dec - April: 74 - 78 / May - Nov: 68 - 72 degrees Fahrenheit.  Thermoclines: at around 45 ft