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Check-in for Galapagos flights from either mainland airport (GYE -Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Airport in Guayaquil or Mariscal Sucre in Quito) does require a couple of extra steps BEFORE going to the airline counter for flight check-in.  


You first go to the Consejo de Gobierno Provincial window.  There you will:


1) Clear your entrance to Galapagos via a form much like a customs form.

2) Pay your Transit Control card (aka TCT) - $20 in cash unless you are on Galapagos Sky and boarding the official flight which enables you to pre-pay.

3) Have your baggage scanned for organic goods and tagged.


The line for this process began causing lengthy wait times, so the government requires all arriving passengers to pre-register.  By pre-registering, they will be able to have you input the information for the 'customs form' mentioned above, so they only need to print it out when you arrive for your flights.  Please note that their Pre-registration page does not always work and is always glitchy.  Often they get your basic information only then when you arrive to the mainland airport, they give you your customs for to complete on your flight to Galapagos. The TCT (transit control) visitor's card fee is $20.   


Galapagos Pre-Registration

To go to the latest link where you pre-register on the government's page, click here.


The government does have an English tutorial provided at this link. Click here.


Below is our dated tutorial which still might help with some translations.


1) Click Pre-Registro. Select Passport as your "tipo de identificacion".  Enter your passport number (or cedula if you have residency in Ecuador).  Type in the verification code.  Click "Enviar"



  • Ignore greyed out boxes
  • Denominacion:  Drop down menu for Mr., Mrs, Ms.  Select one.


  • Your Tipo de Identifacion and Numero de Cedula o Pasaporte appear.
  • Primer Nombre:  Your first name
  • Segundo Nombre:  Your middle name
  • Primer Apellido:  Your last name
  • Segundo Apellido:  Your second last name, if you have one.
  • Pais de Nacimiento:  Country where you were born. Estados Unidos is the USA.  Reino Unido is the UK.  Irlandia is Ireland. Alemania is Germany.  If you can't find your country of birth name in Spanish, just google the name + "in Spanish" to see what it is.
  • Fecha de Nacimiento:  Write in your date using _ _(day)-_ _ (month)-_ _ _ _ (year).  The calendar appears below for your date of birth.  Select it on the calendar.
  • Nacionalidad:  Estados Unidos is the USA.  Reino Unido is the UK.  Irlandia is Ireland. Alemania is Germany.  If you can't find your country of birth name in Spanish, just google the name + "in Spanish" to see what it is.
  • Celular:  Write in your cell phone number.
  • Genero:  Femenino for female.  Masculino for male.
  • Estado Civil:  Casado/a for married. Divorciado/a for divorced.  Se ignore if you don't want to answer.  Soltero/a for single.  Union Libre is for common law marriages.  Viudo/a is for widow.
  • Correo Electronico:  Write in your email address.
  • Confirmar Correo Electronico:  Write in your email address again.


  • Medio de Transporte:  Greyed out as most arrive on a flight (Aereo)
  • Fecha de Ingreso:  Use the calendar to select the date you arrive into Galapagos.  Use the sliders at the bottom to select the time you arrive.
  • Fecha de Salida:  Use the calendar to select the date you leave Galapagos. Use the sliders at the bottom to select the time you leave.
  • Aerolinea:  Choose your airline from the drop down menu.
  • Numero de Vuelo:  Provide your flight number.
  • Aeropuerto de Origen:  Choose the mainland airport you will be flying from (Jose Joaquin de Olmedo for Guayaquil or Internacional Mariscal Sucre for Quito).  
  • Aeropuerto de Destino: Choose the airport you will be arriving into (San Cristobal or Baltra)
  • NOTE:  Currently there is a glitch in the system, so before you choose Tipo de Hospedaje, see box below (En caso de hospedaje maritimo favor indicar) and write in the name of the ship you are on, Nombre de Embarcacion. 
  • Now go back up and under Tipo de Hospedaje, select Crucero Navegable.  A selection of islands and hotels will then pop up.  To complete, unfortunately at this time (Sept 2015) you have to select a hotel.  Just choose anything on either San Cristobal if leaving from there or Santa Cruz if leaving from Baltra.  
  • Veces Que Ha Ingresado a Galapagos:  Select the number of times you have been to Galapagos before.
4) Encuesta / Survey: 
  • Que motiva su viaje a Galapagos?  Choose Buceo Deportivo (Recreational diving)
  • De donde se informa de las actividades que realizara en Galapagos?  Choose Pagina Web or Agencia de Viajes.
  • Cual?  Write in or Dive The Galapagos.

5) Click Enviar. A new page will come up: Preregistro de Tarjeta de Control de Transito.  


In Spanish: Al firmar este documento se deja constancia que ha leído y entendido la información aquí proporcionada. Declaro bajo juramento que la información otorgada es la verdad, sujetándome para mi ingreso, estadía y salida en la categoría solicitada a lo dispuesto en la Ley Orgánica del Régimen Especial para el Desarrollo Sustentable de la Provincia de Galápagos ( LOREG), su Reglamento de Residencias y las Resoluciones aprobadas por el Comité de Calificación y Control de Residencias. Para el caso de filmación y fotografía de uso personal/domestico se compromete a que dicho material no sea utilizado de forma comercial

Es importante recordar que los únicos documentos autorizados para el ingreso a las Islas Galápagos son la Cédula de Identidad o el Pasaporte.  


In English: By signing this document, you agree that you have read and understood the information provided. You declare under oath that the information provided is true, regarding my entry, stay and departure in the requested categories under the provisions of the Organic Law of the Special Regime for the Sustainable Development of the Galapagos Province (LOREG) Rules of Residences and the resolutions adopted by the Committee of Qualification and Control of Residence. In the case of film and photography, you agree that such material is for personal use only and is not used commercially

It is important to remember that the only documents accepted for entry to the Galapagos Islands are the Ecuadorian identity card or a passport.