Galapagos Flight Prices  E-mail

AVIANCA 2016 FARES.  Please note there is now an additional $18 each way charge if you fly into or out of airport tax. As most use Avianca, that is what we mainly offer. Often you can get a better price on than liveaboards or ticketing agencies in Ecuador can get, so you might try that first.  As in our article about flights, you must be certain of which airport you need to fly into and out of prior to booking your own flights.  You are more than welcome to run the flights you book by us for comment. 

Route  High Season Low Season
 GYE-Galapagos-GYE  $495.00 $475.00
 GYE-Galapagos-UIO $545.00  $495.00
 UIO-Galapagos-GYE $545.00 $495.00
 UIO-Galapagos-UIO $575.00 $515.00

GYE - Guayaquil
UIO - Quito
High Season:  July, August, December
Low Season:  Rest of the year  
TAME 2016 FARES: Generally we don't book TAME flights, though we may upon occasion. Tame seems to change their fares based on demand.  We only utilize TAME if their time works better for you or if you are on Nortada.  Please note that TAME now charges you $5 pp for the airline bus from GPS to Itabaca Canal upon arrival.
LAN 2016 FARES:  Generally we don't book LAN flights, though we may upon occasion. Most can and do book their own LAN flights. LAN is an American Airlines partner.