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The Humboldt Explorer spends 4 full days at Darwin and Wolf while all others spend 3 days and opt to dive western sites for one day instead, which the Humboldt doesn't offer.  Western sites include Punta Vicente Roca, Cabo Douglas, Cabo Marshall and Roca Redonda.  Punta Vicente Roca is known for mola molas, turtles, red lipped batfish, seahorses, penguins, flightless cormorants and very cold water.  Cabo Douglas is one of the few places where you can dive with feeding marine iguanas.  Cabo Marshall is known for mantas.  Roca Redonda is an active underwater volcano with fumerole activity and is known for hammerheads.

High season primarily refers to when whale sharks are usually sighted at Darwin and Wolf and when marine life is most abundant, June - Dec.  Sept & Oct are considered the best 2 months of the year to dive Darwin and Wolf, peak high season.  Hammerhead populations are still abundant in Dec, however, the whale shark migration begins to fade towards the end of Nov. 

See additional notes at the bottom of this chart. 







#Pax/Cabins 16 /9 16/8 16 / 8
  16 / 8  14 /7
Length/Beam in ft.106 ft/24.5 ft 85 ft/15 ft 106 ft/ 23 ft 100 ft /24 ft
 100 ft /22 ft
# Crew 10 10 9 13 8
 Year Built/refit
 2014 2014 2010 2000 2006-2007
$150 $150 $150 included $100
 Photo Rinse
 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Photo Tables
 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Camera Rental
  Yes No Yes
#Wolf dives 6 8 6 5-6 10
# Darwin dives 6  4 10 6 6
# Land Visits
 3 3 3 3 3
Rentals **
Full kit $325Full kit $275
 Full kit $250
 Full kit $200 Full kit $225
2017 Low Season $4950-$6850 $4595 $4995 $5695-$5895 $5795
2017  High Season $5050-$7000 $5595 $4995 $5895-$6095 $5995
Nitrox $150 $150 $150 included $100
Fuel surcharge
included included $150 extra
Credit cards  *** 
 No No Yes Yes Yes
Cruising Speed
 12.5 knots
 12 knots
 10 knots
 12 knots
 10 knots
Departure Port
 San Cristobal
 Baltra San Cristobal San Cristobal Baltra
Departure Day
 Monday Friday Monday Sunday Thursday
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** All onboard charges, including gear rentals, are subject to a 14% VAT.  Full kit rentals may or may not include a computer. Please check with us. Computers generally rent for $75-$100 per week.  Gear does not include gloves either, so be sure to bring your own as you WILL need them, not for warmth, but for protection from sharp barnacles.  Camera rental is not common in Galapagos, so please plan ahead.

**Please note that where credit cards are accepted onboard, they are subject to the 12% Ecuador sales tax and sometimes up to a 6% credit card processing fee. Best to bring cash for fuel surcharge, Nitrox and gratuities if your liveaboard does not accept advance payment.  Recommended gratuities are 10% of the cost of your trip per person.  This is divided between the crew and dive guides.