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Sea Turtle GalapagosIsla Tortuga: Mantas, Stingrays, Eagle Rays, Sea Turtles, White-Tipped Reef Sharks, Hammerheads, King Angelfish, Yellowtail Surgeonfish, Barberfish, Blue Chin Parrotfish, Bumphead Parrotfish, Galapagos Groupers, Galapagos Sheephead, Harlequin Wrasse,  Grey Grunts, Tuna, Barracuda, and more. Great gorgonians, corals and sponges.  Rare sightings of orcas and mola molas.

Isla Tortuga lies off  the southeastern side of Isabela, the remnants of a volcano with one side resembling half a caldera.  It is approximately 30 minutes from port.  The eastern side of Isla Tortuga is an easy dive appropriate for all skill sets.  At the southern point, you can get quite a bit of current as the water hits the island and divides, so normally, our guides will only take you there if all onboard are more advanced divers. An average dive profile will be 65 ft (20 m) for 40-45 minutes.  Surface temperature is usually 70-72 (21-22C) with thermoclines that can be as low as 64 (18C).  All dives include transportation, equipment and a snack.   

Some tourists come here in a boat just to admire the many frigates, blue-footed boobies, tropic birds and other sea birds that nest on the island. Underneath, it is a beautiful seascape with lots of life. The colors of coral, sponges and gorgonians contrast against the stunning color of the blue in Isabela at the southern point.  Last time I dived Tortuga,  I thought one turtle had developed a crush on me.  I couldn’t get rid of him for awhile.  We also saw, what one described as a squadron of eagle rays...over a dozen.  Nice diving.