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Wittmer Hotel, Floreana GalapagosWittmer Lodge is a Galapagos landmark or institution or both.  It was founded by Margret Wittmer, the island's 2nd pioneering settler and author of "Floreana", a wonderful account of what it was like to be a pioneer 600 miles out to sea, really amazing read if you have the chance. The hotel is still today run by her daughter and grandaughter.  Hostal Wittmer is located directly on the famous Playa Negra (Black Beach), one of two historical landing sites for ships coming to Floreana and the only sandy beach for lounging in Puerto Ibarra.

Margret Wittmer was a Galapagos icon.  She lived to the age of 95 and welcomed guests (including Presidents, the famous and the infamous) until the end.  As a result of her gracious hospitality and the fact that until recently, this was the only lodging option on Floreana, the hotel stays well booked. Today, the lodge is run by her daughter and grandaughter, Floreana and Erica.  Social areas of the lodge are like a museum for the history of the island.  Food is prepared by Floreana herself. 

Wittmer Hotel offers standard rooms with private baths and hot water.  8 of the rooms are colorful, comfortable, breezy new rooms with private, oceanfront balconies that have chairs and hammocks.  Food is great both here and at the home of another pioneer on Floreana, Lelia Cruz.  You will not go hungry on Floreana and may even wish you could eat here every night...and morning.

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